Cincinnati OH Real Estate Software Company (Dotloop)

Cincinnati OH Real Estate Software Company

Real Estate Documents & Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Dotloop, a real estate software development company here in Cincinnati, Ohio, has helped revolutionize the real estate industry by going paperless. Real estate agents and their clients no longer have to drive across town or travel the country to get real estate documents signed. Instead, Dotloop has made it easy to upload documents, share with clients, negotiate real estate deals, and then securely sign all legally-binding documents online.

Why We Love Dotloop

We have been using Dotloop’s real estate software for some time now and we LOVE it! More importantly, our clients love it. We no longer have to inconvenience our clients with long travel times to sign documents or the task of keeping track of mounds of paperwork that pile up during a real estate transaction. Having the ability to safely and securely sign a legally-binding real estate contract online from the comfort of your home or office is a huge convenience for everyone involved in the transaction.

How Does It Work?

1) Upload real estate documents to Dotloop
2) Attach the recipient’s name and email address to the document
3) Place the “Initial Box” or “Signature Box” in the appropriate place on the documents
4) Dotloop will then share the documents with your client (via email)
5) Your client signs the documents (using their computer keyboard)
6) Both parties receive a confirmation email that all documents have been signed

Are You Using Dotloop?

If you’re a real estate agent (Realtor) and you are not providing your clients with the convenience of Dotloop, you should definitely consider utilizing Dotloop’s real estate software.

Dayton OH Real Estate | Selling a Home in Dayton Ohio

Selling a Home in Dayton Ohio

If you are selling a home in Dayton or Cincinnati OH this year, you’re in luck! Thanks to low inventory, high demand, low interest rates, and rising home prices, the Southern Ohio real estate market is hotter than ever. We had a long, hard winter which played a role in a slower than normal start but April 2014 proved to be a stellar month. With this being a “Sellers Market,” I am actually talking to people that bought a home back in 2006 (bad time to buy) that are now starting to make up ground and even gain some equity.

If you are in the market to sell your home, please give us a call at (937) 490-9743. We would love to talk to you about our marketing plan and why we think we can sell your home faster and for more money.

The Internet Age vs Big Name Real Estate Agents

Dayton OH Real Estate Agents
As a fairly new real estate agent in the Dayton OH real estate market, I have noticed that some buyers and sellers are still utilizing the services of big-name real estate agents from name-brand real estate brokerages. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with calling on a well-known real estate agent to sell your home (list your home for sale) or to assist you in the purchase of a new home. With that being said, buyers and sellers need to understand that “big name” real estate agents usually come with big fees. Yes, most of the well known real estate agents in Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio charge you – the buyer & seller – more than other real estate agents would for the same services.

To reach the pinnacle of “super agent” status or to even become a well known real estate agent, it takes years of work and many client referrals. Once a real estate agent finally obtains this status, it shouldn’t mean that clients (buyers or sellers) pay more for real estate services. In all reality, the “well known” real estate agent typically works less at this point – they are hoping to sell your home through their name recognition. But with 91% of all buyers and sellers finding their Realtor online, well-known real estate agents can no longer sell homes through name recognition alone.

The Seasoned Real Estate Agent vs. The Digital Age

In 2012 I worked as a real estate agent for a local “brand-name” real estate brokerage here in Dayton, Ohio. Once I realized that my broker was spending several thousand dollars every month to advertise in the yellow pages and the “home section” of the local Newspaper, I left. I tried explaining to some of the most well-known real estate agents in the Dayton market that advertising dollars should not be spent on print. Instead, advertising dollars should be spent on building a web presence….they called me crazy!

I can remember sitting at my desk as a new real estate agent, spending countless hours posting real estate tips on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn hoping to find a client willing to give me a chance to list their home for sale or help them find and purchase a new home. All the while, seasoned agents would pass by, poking fun and making snide remarks like “how’s the internet treating you” and “has the internet bought any homes from you today?” I refused to listen to the negative comments and continued to build my online presence and build meaningful relationships through face-to-face meetings with potential clients.

Where Do I Stand in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Today, just like every other day, I continue my online marketing campaigns while continuously growing my real estate business. 97% of all the buyers and sellers I represent have found me online through social media, my website, or by referral. I continue to grow as a “listing agent” as more and more sellers contact me after a well-known real estate agent from a “brand-name” real estate brokerage was unsuccessful in selling their home after sitting on the market for 300+ days.

The hurdles I face today are different than the hurdles I faced three years ago. Today, I am still trying very hard to educate some of the most well-known real estate agents in the Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio area about basic internet skills. It’s baffling to find that some of the most well known, seasoned real estate agents don’t understand how to scan documents into an email, digitally sign documents, text or email a client and still refer to a copy machine as a “Xerox Photocopier.”

The next time you hire a real estate agent to list and sell your home, make sure you ask yourself: “do I want a well-known real estate agent that has no idea how to market a home in the digital age and expects to sell my home on name recognition alone… or do I want an internet savvy real estate agent that understands the digital age, the power of social media and internet marketing in the year 2014?” The choice is yours – and I’m only a phone call, text, tweet, FB message or e-mail away if you need some advice.