The Internet Age vs Big Name Real Estate Agents

Dayton OH Real Estate Agents
As a fairly new real estate agent in the Dayton OH real estate market, I have noticed that some buyers and sellers are still utilizing the services of big-name real estate agents from name-brand real estate brokerages. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with calling on a well-known real estate agent to sell your home (list your home for sale) or to assist you in the purchase of a new home. With that being said, buyers and sellers need to understand that “big name” real estate agents usually come with big fees. Yes, most of the well known real estate agents in Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio charge you – the buyer & seller – more than other real estate agents would for the same services.

To reach the pinnacle of “super agent” status or to even become a well known real estate agent, it takes years of work and many client referrals. Once a real estate agent finally obtains this status, it shouldn’t mean that clients (buyers or sellers) pay more for real estate services. In all reality, the “well known” real estate agent typically works less at this point – they are hoping to sell your home through their name recognition. But with 91% of all buyers and sellers finding their Realtor online, well-known real estate agents can no longer sell homes through name recognition alone.

The Seasoned Real Estate Agent vs. The Digital Age

In 2012 I worked as a real estate agent for a local “brand-name” real estate brokerage here in Dayton, Ohio. Once I realized that my broker was spending several thousand dollars every month to advertise in the yellow pages and the “home section” of the local Newspaper, I left. I tried explaining to some of the most well-known real estate agents in the Dayton market that advertising dollars should not be spent on print. Instead, advertising dollars should be spent on building a web presence….they called me crazy!

I can remember sitting at my desk as a new real estate agent, spending countless hours posting real estate tips on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn hoping to find a client willing to give me a chance to list their home for sale or help them find and purchase a new home. All the while, seasoned agents would pass by, poking fun and making snide remarks like “how’s the internet treating you” and “has the internet bought any homes from you today?” I refused to listen to the negative comments and continued to build my online presence and build meaningful relationships through face-to-face meetings with potential clients.

Where Do I Stand in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Today, just like every other day, I continue my online marketing campaigns while continuously growing my real estate business. 97% of all the buyers and sellers I represent have found me online through social media, my website, or by referral. I continue to grow as a “listing agent” as more and more sellers contact me after a well-known real estate agent from a “brand-name” real estate brokerage was unsuccessful in selling their home after sitting on the market for 300+ days.

The hurdles I face today are different than the hurdles I faced three years ago. Today, I am still trying very hard to educate some of the most well-known real estate agents in the Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio area about basic internet skills. It’s baffling to find that some of the most well known, seasoned real estate agents don’t understand how to scan documents into an email, digitally sign documents, text or email a client and still refer to a copy machine as a “Xerox Photocopier.”

The next time you hire a real estate agent to list and sell your home, make sure you ask yourself: “do I want a well-known real estate agent that has no idea how to market a home in the digital age and expects to sell my home on name recognition alone… or do I want an internet savvy real estate agent that understands the digital age, the power of social media and internet marketing in the year 2014?” The choice is yours – and I’m only a phone call, text, tweet, FB message or e-mail away if you need some advice.

Kettering OH Real Estate Market Outlook For 2014

Kettering OH Real Estate Listings
The Kettering OH real estate market is taking off really well for early 2014. From January 1st 2013 until today, March 3rd 2014, there have been a total of 702 sold homes in Kettering, Ohio. Even with Mother Nature unleashing well-above-average snow falls, Kettering OH real estate listings continue to hit the market. With interest rates at a three-year low, I would expect to see many first time home-buyers entering the market.

How Do Low Interest Rates Affect The Local Kettering Ohio Real Estate Market?

When interest rates are as low as they are right now, current homeowners see a chance to sell, cash in on a little equity, and upgrade to a larger, more expensive home with a lower interest rate and lower monthly mortgage payment than they’re currently paying. When the real estate market opens up for sellers, this provides buyers with more choices as inventory rises with more homes for sale in Kettering, Ohio.

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Dayton Ohio’s Top 5 Real Estate Agent Websites

The Top 5 Real Estate Websites

We rank the 5 best Dayton real estate company websites. These top 5 real estate websites provide the tools you need to buy or sell a home in Dayton, Ohio, like interactive Google maps & search tools.

#1 Ohio Real Estate Guys When it comes to Dayton real estate – whether it be commercial real estate, residential single family homes, foreclosures or short sales – there is no better place to start your search than The ability to find homes for sale in Dayton, Ohio has never been easier. The simple, yet elegant, layout provides future homeowners with a no-hassle, easily navigated, personal experience. You have options that other real estate websites do not offer, like the real estate map search, the ability to save your searches, schedule showings, calculate mortgage payments and view thousands of high quality photos. We think you will agree – when it comes to showcasing Dayton real estate listings, the Ohio Real Estate Guys have the best real estate agent website in Ohio.

#2 The cleanest, most elegant real estate website in the state of Ohio. is where you want your home to be showcased if you are looking for maximum exposure from home buyers not only in Dayton, Ohio, but also from around the country. offers many options for buyers and sellers, including obtaining property facts, home value estimates, local changes in the Dayton housing market, and finding homes within its database of more than 400 thousand properties for sale in Ohio. Refine your searches by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, year built, school district and other characteristics. A recent search for Dayton, OH produced 350 homes for sale.

#3 Zillow actually generates “for sale listings” on Yahoo real estate and also generates a majority of its revenue by selling ad space to local realtors, mortgage brokers and banks. is a very informative real estate website that offers future home-buyers the opportunity to research particular homes. You can search homes for sale, recently sold homes, view current housing market trends or even look up Zillow’s opinion of what a home is valued at (Zestimate).

#4 Trulia was going to be named our third favorite real estate website, but it seems they have cut back on their advertising campaign, which means less consumers visiting on a day-to-day basis. seems to be more accurate than Zillow when it comes to home values, but we feel their website isn’t laid out as nicely. Just like and, Trulia is a residential real estate website geared towards home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate agents. You can search the latest real estate listings, local neighborhood information, and even find government report cards on local school districts throughout the United States. Again, if you would like to feature your home for sale on, you must first list your home for sale with a local real estate agent that has an account set up with Trulia.

#4 is a real estate website that is similar to Zillow and Trulia. provides consumers with the ability to search for local real estate agents, home foreclosures, condos, and even rental property across the United States. Just like Trulia and Zillow, to have your home listed for sale on, you must first list your home for sale with a local real estate agent that is a paid member of this website. It is important to understand that Zillow, Trulia and are advertising agencies and not local real estate professionals.