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With many of our current & past clients inquiring about specific school district rankings, we’ve decided to post the state of Ohio’s current school ratings and report cards. Here you will find school district details including, financial data, progress reports, student achievements, graduation rates and college preparation assessments.

School Ratings In Ohio

The state of Ohio is home to more than 4,000 public schools across more than 700 school districts. When searching homes for sale, the local Ohio school district rankings will likely be a factor you’ll want to consider. We can help you find valuable information on Ohio high school rankings, as well as ratings for local elementary and middle schools. Whether you currently have children or you’re simply planning for the future, we know you’d like to find the best school districts in Ohio for your family.

Ohio School Report Cards

Every year, Ohio Department of Education Report Cards are issued for every public school across the state. Schools are graded on student achievement and progress, graduation rates and gap closing. The “Student Achievement” grade looks at the passing rate and overall success of students that took the state test, while the “Student Progress “ grade is based on how much new knowledge students learn in one year. The “Gap Closing” grade provides an overall picture of how well students are doing, regardless of income, ethnicity or disability. The specific grades given to each school are then compiled to determine the overall Ohio school rankings.