Home Foreclosure Process In Ohio

Foreclosed Homes: The Ohio Home Foreclosure Process

Are you thinking about buying a foreclosure in Dayton Ohio? Before you jump right into a foreclosed home you should understand the foreclosure process. The foreclosure process is best described by putting it into 3 simple steps. Stage 1 of the foreclosure process: Defaulting On Your Mortgage The first stage of the foreclosure process is […]

Ohio Property Tax Rates

Ohio Property Tax Rates & Records

Ohio’s taxable base is the assessed value of land and buildings. Assessed value is 35% of retail market value, except for certain agricultural land. County auditors in the state of Ohio must reappraise all real estate every six years. A homestead exemption is available to the homesteads of qualified homeowners who are either at least […]

Dayton Home & Garden Show

The Dayton Home and Garden Show

Discover the Dayton / Miami Valley’s oldest, largest and most prestigious home and garden show – a five-day spectacular event – where you can find inspiration and learn about the current innovative ideas and trends in landscaping, gardening and home improvement from some of Dayton Ohio’s top gardeners, landscapers, interior designers, and real estate companies. […]