Multi Units & Duplex For Sale Dayton Ohio

Are you a local real estate investor who is looking to buy or sell a duplex, triplex, multi family home or multi units in Dayton Ohio? We are local Dayton real estate investors who happen to also be licensed real estate agents (Realtors). We specialize in representing investors who are either buying multi-family properties or selling their investment property(s).

Multi Family Residential (Selling Multi-Family Homes)

Multi family homes, otherwise know as “multi-family residential,” is where we started our careers in real estate investing. We learned early in our careers how to get rich by investing in multi family homes and we’ve never looked back. Smart investing is actually what led us to become licensed real estate agents in Ohio. We were buying, fixing and flipping multi family homes and paying a hefty 3% commission to other real estate agents that were bringing us buyers. This was cutting into our net profit so much that we began passing up deals that we would otherwise have purchased.

$200,000 Multi-Family Sale – 3% = $6,000 we were paying a Realtor to bring us a buyer!

Yes, we are licensed real estate agents and the reason we are sharing these numbers with you today is becasue we do not want fellow real estate investors to pay these large sums of money when it’s time to sell their investment properties. We have a large network of investors that are constantly looking to buy rental properties of all types. Because we have such a large network of hungry investors, we can afford to lower the commission rate at time of sale. So, if you are interested in selling a multi-family home, multi unit property, duplex or triplex, we would love to work with you.

Multi-Units (Buying Multi Unit Properties)

Multi units (multi-family apartment units) will always be the best and easiest way to become rich through real estate investing. The initial challenge for beginning investors is financing.

  • Where do I look for financing when buying a multi unit apartment building?
  • Once I find financing, what is considered reasonable rates & terms?
  • How much should I put down on a multi-unit or multi-family property?
  • Where & how do I come up with a down payment?

None of these questions can be answered until you’ve found the multi-unit property you would like to purchase. Each property is going to be different, so trying to calculate return on investment (ROI), financing terms, rates and down-payment is going to be impossible until you find a property. Your credit rating and debt to income ratio will also play a huge role in how much you can afford and/or how much money a lender would be willing to loan you. If you are looking to build your portfolio by investing in multi units or “multi-unit properties,” we would love to speak with you about opportunities to work together.

Duplexes (Selling A Duplex)

Do you happen to have a duplex for sale in Dayton Ohio? If you have a duplex for sale, we would love to talk to you about listing and selling your property. We represent a large number of real estate investors in the Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio area that are always looking to purchase multi units, duplexes and triplexes. But, before you list your duplex for sale, we would like to make you a cash offer on your property! By allowing us to make you an offer to buy your duplex or multi unit property, you will alleviate large commission based fees charged by real estate agents, lengthy listing periods and unqualified buyers constantly disrupting your tenants. To speak with us directly, you can either call us at (937) 490-9743 or email us at

Duplexes (Buying A Duplex)

It seems like finding a duplex for sale in Dayton Ohio is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. With more and more people realizing that passive income can easily be generated through smart real estate investing, finding a duplex for sale in Dayton, Ohio has become extremely challenging. With that being said, you can still find duplexes for sale in the Dayton area if you know where to look or who to contact. If you are interested in buying a duplex in Dayton Ohio, you may want to broaden your search to also include multi-family residential (multi-family homes). These types of investment properties are more readily available than a traditional “duplex” and have the potential to generate the same if not more passive income.

Before jumping in head over heels and purchasing an investment property like a duplex or multi unit property, contact us so that we can help you determine if the investment property in question has the capability of generating the passive income you are looking for. When buying a duplex, triplex, multi-unit or multi-family home for investment purposes, you should consider the following:

  • Purchase price
  • Habitability (is there work that needs to be done before renting)
  • Ability to rent the property quickly after purchasing (empty properties are money pits)
  • Property management fees (unless you plan on managing the property yourself)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Future sales price vs. purchase price (if you need to liquidate, how quickly can you sell & for how much?)

Generating passive income through real estate investing is a great idea, but don’t go it alone! Make sure you consult with a local real estate expert before buying an investment property, as this should help protect you from making a poor financial decision!