Real Estate Investor Associations…Informative or Sales Tactic?

Real estate investor associations….are you a member of a local real estate investing group? Have you ever wondered whether or not you are getting the facts about how to become a successful real estate investor or whether you’re being sold bunk deals by those running the association?

It’s really unfortunate that we have to write a real estate related blog post that questions the core of what people are being taught or not being taught when attending local “real estate investor associations.” First, we would like to explain what prompted this post. As local Dayton real estate investors, we are contacted daily by individuals wanting to learn how to safely and properly invest in real estate. Many of these individuals have attended local real estate investor associations looking for information and advice from a person or persons who have years of documented success as a real estate investor. What these eager students (future real estate investors) are coming away with is, inaccurate data and misinformation.

Real Estate Investor Association (Pitch & Promises)

While attending your local real estate investor association meetings, you’ll want to be open to networking but skeptical of sales pitches and promises of riches through real estate investing. There is a reason I am asking you to be “skeptical” while attending real estate investor groups, circles and associations. Skepticism of anything, generally leads to questioning everything! The more skeptical we are of something, the more likely we are to research that something. In the world of real estate investing, “research” is what separates winners from losers. Most of the people (students) that we come in contact with, can not afford to make more than one or two bad real estate investments before financial ruin sets in.

Is My Local Real Estate Investor Association Legit?

How do I tell if my local real estate investor association is legitimate? Well, for beginners, you should ask the leader(s), speaker(s) and guest(s) to provide details on their latest investments (rentals, fix & flips & wholesale deals). If they can not provide you with some of their recent deals, why would you expect that they can provide you with the knowledge and understanding needed to find and close your own real estate deals? Another sure way to tell if your local group, circle or association is legit is to:

  • Ask other members how long they have been attending?
  • Ask other attendees how many real estate transactions they have completed?
  • Are you being charged anything to attend association meetings?
  • Are the areas largest most successful real estate investors members of your local association?
  • Is pertinent information being shared at the meetings or just a gathering of social butterflies?

Does The Association Benefit More Than The Members?

If you’ve ever been to a local real estate investor association meeting, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Why is this person willing to give me all this information?” Believe me, you are not alone! Generally, the association president or board member who is holding the weekly, bi weekly or monthly meeting is a local Realtor, real estate agent or real estate investor who benefits in the following ways:

  • He/She tries to sell you on their own real estate listings
  • He/She wants you to use their service when buying investment properties
  • He/She wants to represent you in all future real estate transactions
  • He/She gets a “kick-back” by introducing you to their lender friends (illegal)

Of course, this is not always the case! But, you have to wonder why someone is so willing to provide information on “how to be a successful real estate investor” to others who are going to be working in the same market. Generally speaking, real estate investors do not like or want to create competition in their direct market place.

 Our Suggestion To New Real Estate Investors

As local real estate professionals, we love talking to individuals about real estate investing. We also don’t mind sharing information and our ideas of what we think it takes to be successful in today’s market. If you are interested in becoming a full-time real estate investor or just casually buying a couple properties that generate passive income, we suggest gathering as much information as possible, asking lots of questions and surrounding yourself with a successful local real estate mentor/coach.

Dayton OH Real Estate Market and Selling a Home in 2014

If you are selling a home in the Dayton or Cincinnati OH real estate market this year, you’re in luck! Thanks to low inventory, high demand, low interest rates, and rising home prices, the Southern Ohio real estate market is hotter than ever. We had a long, hard winter which played a role in a slower than normal start but April 2014 proved to be a stellar month. With this being a “Sellers Market,” I am actually talking to people that bought a home back in 2006 (bad time to buy) that are now starting to make up ground and even gain some equity.

If you are in the market to sell your home, please give us a call at (937) 490-9743. We would love to talk to you about our marketing plan and why we think we can sell your home faster and for more money.

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Top 5 Best Real Estate Websites in Dayton OH

We rank the top 5 best real estate websites in Dayton Ohio. These top 5 real estate websites provide the tools you need to buy or sell a home in Dayton, Ohio, like interactive Google maps, search tools and the ability to schedule open houses online.

1) Ohio Real Estate Guys
When it comes to Dayton real estate – whether it be commercial real estate, residential single family homes, foreclosures or short sales – there is no better place to start your search than The ability to find homes for sale in Dayton, Ohio has never been easier. The simple, yet elegant, layout provides future homeowners with a no-hassle, easily navigated, personal experience. You have options that other real estate websites do not offer, like the real estate map search, the ability to save your searches, schedule showings, calculate mortgage payments and view thousands of high quality photos. We think you will agree – when it comes to showcasing Dayton real estate listings, the Ohio Real Estate Guys have the best real estate agent website in Ohio.

The cleanest, most elegant real estate website in the state of Ohio. is where you want your home to be showcased if you are looking for maximum exposure from home buyers not only in Dayton, Ohio, but also from around the country. offers many options for buyers and sellers, including obtaining property facts, home value estimates, local changes in the Dayton housing market, and finding homes within its database of more than 400 thousand properties for sale in Ohio. Refine your searches by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, year built, school district and other characteristics. A recent search for Dayton, OH produced 350 homes for sale.

3) Zillow
Zillow actually generates “for sale listings” on Yahoo real estate and also generates a majority of its revenue by selling ad space to local realtors, mortgage brokers and banks. is a very informative real estate website that offers future home-buyers the opportunity to research particular homes. You can search homes for sale, recently sold homes, view current housing market trends or even look up Zillow’s opinion of what a home is valued at (Zestimate).

4) Trulia
Trulia was going to be named our third favorite real estate website, but it seems they have cut back on their advertising campaign, which means less consumers visiting on a day-to-day basis. seems to be more accurate than Zillow when it comes to home values, but we feel their website isn’t laid out as nicely. Just like and, Trulia is a residential real estate website geared towards home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate agents. You can search the latest real estate listings, local neighborhood information, and even find government report cards on local school districts throughout the United States. Again, if you would like to feature your home for sale on, you must first list your home for sale with a local real estate agent that has an account set up with Trulia.

5) is a real estate website that is similar to Zillow and Trulia. provides consumers with the ability to search for local real estate agents, home foreclosures, condos, and even rental property across the United States. Just like Trulia and Zillow, to have your home listed for sale on, you must first list your home for sale with a local real estate agent that is a paid member of this website. It is important to understand that Zillow, Trulia and are advertising agencies and not local real estate professionals.

Foreclosed Homes For Sale Dayton OH

The Dayton Daily News reported that bank foreclosures in Dayton, Ohio are decreasing from a year ago. Foreclosure listings in Dayton were at an all-time high last year, according to the Dayton Ohio Clerk of Courts.

More than 70 cases were filed last month in Greene County, 44 in Miami County, 303 in Montgomery County, 29 in Preble County and 98 in Warren County, according to figures provided to the Dayton Daily News by officials with the respective clerks’ offices. That’s a total of 547 foreclosures for all five counties, compared to 632 August 2011, a more than 13 percent drop.

You may be saying to yourself,”Well that’s great” – but not so quick. Although foreclosed homes (foreclosure fillings) are falling, there are still too many undeserving families losing their homes. The reason I bring this up now is because I have yet to hear any real solution to the housing crisis by the current administration. I feel that we have somehow become “ok” or “accepting” of the number of foreclosed homes in this country. In May of this year, Montgomery County Ohio had 396 home foreclosures – which was the most of any month in the past two years.

Foreclosure activity in September (last month) gave Ohio the seventh highest foreclosure rate in the entire country. My point here is this, let’s not get overly excited just yet. There are a lot of families in and around Dayton, Ohio that are still losing their homes to bank foreclosure. I’m hoping that the new year (2013) brings Dayton, Ohio some well deserved jobs, which in return will lower our bank foreclosure activity.