Foreclosed Homes For Sale Dayton OH

The Dayton Daily News reported that bank foreclosures in Dayton, Ohio are decreasing from a year ago. Foreclosure listings in Dayton were at an all-time high last year, according to the Dayton Ohio Clerk of Courts.

More than 70 cases were filed last month in Greene County, 44 in Miami County, 303 in Montgomery County, 29 in Preble County and 98 in Warren County, according to figures provided to the Dayton Daily News by officials with the respective clerks’ offices. That’s a total of 547 foreclosures for all five counties, compared to 632 August 2011, a more than 13 percent drop.

You may be saying to yourself,”Well that’s great” – but not so quick. Although foreclosed homes (foreclosure fillings) are falling, there are still too many undeserving families losing their homes. The reason I bring this up now is because I have yet to hear any real solution to the housing crisis by the current administration. I feel that we have somehow become “ok” or “accepting” of the number of foreclosed homes in this country. In May of this year, Montgomery County Ohio had 396 home foreclosures – which was the most of any month in the past two years.

Foreclosure activity in September (last month) gave Ohio the seventh highest foreclosure rate in the entire country. My point here is this, let’s not get overly excited just yet. There are a lot of families in and around Dayton, Ohio that are still losing their homes to bank foreclosure. I’m hoping that the new year (2013) brings Dayton, Ohio some well deserved jobs, which in return will lower our bank foreclosure activity.