Dayton Ohio Real Estate Wholesaling

We Love Wholesaling Real Estate in Dayton Ohio

We are a group of real estate investors in Dayton, Ohio who specialize in real estate wholesaling. When it comes to wholesaling real estate, we have an impeccable system and proven record of success in both buying and selling real estate and probate real estate deals. We are looking for cash buyers and real estate investors who are interested in purchasing investment property in Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio areas.

Our Philosophy On Wholesaling Real Estate

Not only are we wholesalers, we are licensed real estate agents in the state of Ohio. Our philosophy in real estate wholesaling is much different that other wholesalers you’ve dealt with in the past. We believe that wholesaling real estate is NOT about how much money you can squeeze out of a deal, but how fast you can turn the deal, making both the real estate investor and the wholesalers happy. Our ultimate goals are to build relationships with quality real estate investors, bring more deals to the table, close more deals together, and make some money along the way.

Our Team Of Wholesale Real Estate Agents

We have a team of probate real estate specialists using various real estate marketing techniques to acquire deeply discounted unlisted properties with at least 30% return on investment. If you are a real estate wholesaler who as acquired a deeply discounted wholesale deal in the state of Ohio, please contact us immediately as we are always looking to purchase.

In What Areas Do We Wholesale Real Estate

We currently have our wholesale real estate system in place throughout the Dayton/Cincinnati areas. We are actively marketing in Montgomery County, Hamilton County, Greene County, Preble County, and Warren County, Ohio. However, we will always consider the opportunity to buy your house cash if your property is in any other county in Ohio.

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