Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Strategies


Cost Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Are you a real estate agent or broker trying to take advantage of today’s most effective real estate marketing strategies? We have compiled a few of our best and favorite real estate marketing ideas for agents and brokers interested in growing their business through effective and creative marketing plans on and offline.


Social Media Marketing Campaigns

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is, “What are some cost effective real estate marketing ideas that actually work?” The short answer to this question is, “Social Media.” If you are not effectively implementing a social media marketing campaign, you are missing out on thousands of readers every month. It is both inexpensive and easy to post once a week to your favorite social media platform. Potential clients want to know who you are, what you do and why you do it.

It should be noted, an “effective social media marketing campaign” does not mean constantly posting your latest listings. Be creative, give your readers (potential clients) pertinent information that will benefit them whether they use your services or not.


Real Estate Video Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to market yourself, your business and your client’s property. In our opinion, video marketing will net the biggest bang for your buck. First off, there is no need to invest in an expensive video camera. Today, most smart phones will produce a quality high definition video good enough to impress even the most seasoned videographers.

For instance, we use video marketing to recruit new real estate agents by providing them with important, up to date information about the real estate industry (Agent Recruiting YouTube Video). We also use video marketing to showcase our client’s property through virtual home tours (Virtual Tour YouTube Videos).


Local Sponsorship

We cannot stress enough how important it is to give back to your community. One of the best marketing campaigns known to man is not even a marketing campaign. Year after year, we continue to grow our client base by doing nothing more than donating a small portion of our yearly commissions to our local animal shelter (SICSA). It’s as simple as this, people like to know that you are doing good things with your money. For us, there is nothing closer to our hearts than helping care for our furry friends.


Dominate Your Local Market Within Two Months

We have designed a system to teach any real estate agent how to dominate their local market within two months. We will custom design an effective Step By Step Real Estate Marketing Plan for any agent, broker, or real estate team that should have you closing 7-10 more real estate deals each and every year.


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