Looking For An Angel Investor in Dayton Real Estate – Investors Capital

Private investors or angel investors willing to contribute investment capital (investors capital) with a 50% return on total profit are more than welcome to contact us with offers and ideas. As an angel investor, you will simply provide the capital used to purchase the investment property. Our experienced construction crew will provide the labor and Ohio Real Estate Guys Inc. will provide knowledge of the local Dayton real estate market, Dayton MLS access and will be the buying agent & selling agent on all transactions.

Personal Investors or Angel Investors

We are not looking for venture capitalists at this time; we are interested in personal investors (angel investors) only. If you are unaware of the difference between an “angel investor” and a “venture capitalist,” it’s simple: an angel investor (or personal investor) is someone that invests their own money, while a venture capitalist is someone that invests other people’s money. So, in layman’s terms, what we are looking for is a partner of sorts. By partnering with us, we will save you the 3% agent fee on the buyer’s side and the 3% agent fee on the seller’s side. Whether or not you are familiar with the Dayton Ohio real estate market, it remains an excellent area for real estate investment – with potentially large returns.

We Are Privately Funded Ohio Real Estate Investors

Yes, we are still looking for “Angel Investors” but as years have gone by since this original post (November 19th 2012), we have grown exponentially. We are now three quarters personally funded and buy anywhere from 30-60 homes per year in the state of Ohio. We buy houses cash, condo’s, apartment buildings, duplexes, and multi family properties throughout the state of Ohio. If you would like to learn more about our investing habits and how we have become one of Ohio’s top property investment companies, you can visit our “Ohio Real Estate Investors” page. If you are interested in speaking to us about an investment opportunity, please find our contact information below.

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