Nest Thermostat Reviews – Nest Learning Thermostat Is Smart

Are you still using an old non-programmable Honeywell Thermostat? Are you still jumping up and down to manually adjust your old thermostat? I have something I think you might like — introducing the “Nest Learnable Thermostat.” For $249.00, these things can’t stay on the shelves (last I checked they were SOLD OUT). In fact, the “Nest Thermostat” has become so popular that you must register for an invitation if you want to purchase one! And when one becomes available, you will be given a secret location to pick it up….OK, I might be teasing about that last part!

The Nest Learning Thermostat Is Smart & Affordable

Nest Learning Thermostat will actually program itself in a week, has a patented “Auto-Away” feature, provides energy history, automatically turns heating and cooling up or down, can be operated & adjusted away from home, and will even display your daily energy usage. Once your Nest is installed, you will learn just as I did to love the LED “Green Leaf” that appears on the digital display any time you are saving energy.

I would recommend watching the YouTube video above, checking compatibility, and then either calling Nest at 1.855.469.6378 or going directly to their website to sign up for an invitation (I wasn’t teasing about that part!).

Nest Learning Thermostat YouTube Video