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Are you going through a divorce, separation or annulment and need to sell your home, rental properties or commercial building(s)? If you find yourself facing this unfortunate situation and would like to speak to one of the top Dayton Ohio real estate agents specializing in divorce, I’m your Realtor.

It is hard to imagine a more difficult scenario than having to sell your home during a divorce. Often, the single largest asset to be divided is the home and agreeing on exactly how that should be done can be an area of considerable conflict. I have discreetly worked with many couples that have filed for a divorce and need to sell their home and divide the proceeds accordingly.  I have also worked alongside many of the top divorce attorneys in Dayton, Ohio in order to achieve the best possible outcome during this difficult time. With many successful sales on behalf of divorcing clients, I am extremely familiar with the challenges and complexities of divorce sales and can assist you in developing a plan that results in the highest possible net proceeds. ​

Selling Your Home For The Most Money

When a spouse files for a divorce in Ohio, the majority of issues arise over money and assets. Generally speaking, the one thing that divorcing spouses agree on is selling their home for the most money possible. During a divorce, the best way to sell your home and net the most money is to sell quickly. Many times, when going through a divorce, couples have a hard time agreeing on just about everything. One major disagreement among divorcing spouses that costs each party a considerable amount of money is disagreeing on when to sell the house, which real estate agent is going to sell the house, how much the house will be listed for and how the net proceeds of the sale are going to be divided. As a divorcing couple, if you ‘re goal is to sell your home for the most money possible, you may want to contact me.

Filing For A Divorce & Selling? I Can Save You Thousands!

Dayton Ohio Real Estate Agents Specializing in Divorce

During A Divorce, The Best Realtor is A Unbiased Realtor

If you are going through a divorce, you wouldn’t hire your soon the be ex-spouse’s divorce attorney would you? The same goes when selling your house! During a divorce, you’ll want to reach out to local real estate agents specializing in divorce that neither spouse is familiar with. By hiring an unbiased local real estate agent that specializes in divorce, you’ll alleviate any potential conflict of interest. This is another important money saving tip when selling your home during or after a divorce in Ohio. Not to mention, avoiding a local real estate agent that one of you or both of you may know, will more than likely speed up the sale of your home by avoiding objections from your spouses divorce lawyer.

Confidentiality & Absolute Discretion

It has been said that a “Divorce is the death of a Dream.” Everyone grieves differently. As a local Dayton Ohio real estate agent specializing in divorce, I approach each spouse with absolute respect, non-partiality, and with total discretion. Your business is exactly that, it’s your business and nobody else’s. If you are a high-asset individual or celebrity with real estate property in Dayton, Ohio, protecting your privacy, your finances, and intellectual property during the divorce is my top priority.

I Make Divorce Court Appearances if Necessary

When and if necessary, I make divorce court appearances on behalf of my clients. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s to testify that a spouse isn’t cooperating with the sale. Sometimes it’s simply to defend my recommended list price. Either way, my goal is to make the real estate transaction as smooth as possible for everyone, and if my presence is needed, I’ll be there.

How Much Is My House Worth?

Whether you’ve just filed for a divorce or the divorce is final, you’ll need to know how much your house is worth before listing it for sale. Generally, it’s this question that leads to the initial contact from the majority of my clients. If you’re like so many others and you’re asking yourself, “How Much is My House Worth?” please give me a call, text, or send me an email to set up a free consultation. During the consultation I will share recently sold homes comparable to yours and also provide you with a complete market analysis which will allow us to determine the proper list price.

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