Should I List My House For Sale During The Winter Months?

Listing your home for sale and selling your home during the cold Winter months is a much more profitable idea than many sellers think. Most people interested in selling their home choose to hibernate all Winter long, just waiting until Spring arrives to have a Realtor list their house for sale. When Springtime finally rolls around, real estate listings hit the market in droves and your house will be just one of the many homes for sale in your neighborhood.

Selling A Home In The Winter Means Less Competition

Listing and selling a home during the Winter months often equates to less competition. Every seller wants buyers to give their home as much attention as possible. You can help your home stand out from the crowd by listing and selling when most everyone else is not. When there are less real estate listings on the market for buyers to choose from, you are creating a seller’s market.

Wintertime Real Estate Listings Tend To Attract Serious Buyers

Believe it or not, there is a strategy to listing and selling homes. Listing your home for sale during the Winter months will likely attract more serious buyers. Think about it for a moment… if you list your home for sale during the Winter months, any potential buyers willing to schedule a showing and trek out into the freezing cold weather to view your home are probably serious buyers. Contrary to many beliefs, most people do not contact a Realtor, schedule showings, and spend hours casually looking at homes for sale with no intention of buying.

Should I Ask Less For My Home Because It’s Winter?

The short answer to this questions is “No!” Just because it’s Wintertime doesn’t mean that you should ask less for your home. As a matter of fact, I would suggest asking a little more for your home because there are less homes on the market for potential buyers to choose from. If you choose to ask a little more for your home during the Winter and for some reason it doesn’t sell, you can lower the price come Springtime and market the home as “price reduction” and a great deal.